1980-1983      Gegradueerde in de Kinesitherapie ILOK Parnas te Dilbeek

1990-1992      Dierenfysiotherapie faculteit diergeneeskunde Utrecht

Bijscholingen Kinesitherapie

Pre en postnatale kinesitherapie KUL Leuven


Orthopedische geneeskunde volgens Cyriax


Medische trainingstherapie

Applied kinesiology modules 1-2-3-4

Taping - Mecial Taping

Geriatrische kinesitherapie

Cardio vasculaire kinesitherapie

Palliatieve zorg

Bijscholingen Relaxatie therapie

Autogene training

Progressieve Relaxatie Jacobson

Adem therapie


Transcendente diepte meditatie

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Bijscholingen Pyschologie - Energetische therapie - Bewust ZIJN - spiritualiteit

Reiki Master


Voice Dialogue fascilitator

Quantum Touch

Angel light Worker

Innerchild therapy

Chakra psychologie

Basis opleiding Astrologie

Geweldloze Communicatie vlg Marshall Rosenberg

Aromatherapie - Moxatherapie

Crowley Thoth Tarot jaaropleiding

Familie opstellingen

Workshops - Webinars - Online seminars


Caroline Myss

Essential guide for healers

Anatomy of the spirit

Advanced energy anatomy

Your sacred contracts

Medical Intuition: An Exploration into the - Science and Art of Healing

Intuitive Power - Your Natural Resource

Sacred Contracts and Astrology

Archetypes: Who Are You?

Exploring the Power of Your Archetypes

Language of the archetypes

Discovering New Archetypal Patterns of   Relationships and Relating - Findhorn Scotland

Defy Gravity

The Application of Mystical Laws into Your Everyday Life

Entering the Castle Workshop

Angels Workshop - Findhorn Scotland

Three levels of intuïtion

Fundamentals of Spiritual Alchemy

Why People Don't Heal

Anatomy of your health

Debbie Ford

Workshop: The anwers are within you

The schadow effect

Eckart Tolle

Entering the Now workshop

A New Earth workshop

In The Presence Of A Great Mystery

The Dimension of Stillness in Human Relationships

Even the sun will die

Living the Liberated life

Stillness Speaks

The Realisation of Being

The Flowering of Human Consciousness

Practicing Presence, A guide for the Spiritual Teacher and Health Practitioner

The Journey Into Yourself

On the Edge of Awakening

Becoming a teacher of presence

Deepak Chopra

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success


Gifts for The Soul Pack

The Power of Intuition

The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire

Training the Mind, Healing the Body

Grow Younger, Live Longer

Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer - Living Beyond Miracles

Louise Hay

Change and Transition

Creating Your Own Health

Living Wisdom, Loving Life

Loving The Inner Child

The Power Is Within You

You can Heal Your Life

Receiving Prosperity

Esther en Jerry Hicks - Abraham

The Law of Atraction workshop

Ask and It is Given workshop

The Art of Allowing workshop

Doreen Virtue

Angel Communication

Chakra Clearing

Manifesting with Angels


Byron Kathy

Your Inner Awakening

The Work

Wayne Dyer

The Secret and the law of attraction

Mastering the art of manifesting

The awakened life

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